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I wasn’t sure how/where to write a review of your products, but I wanted to let you know what a blessing they’ve been to me! To be honest, the bar soaps smell so incredible that besides the skin benefits, I feel as though I have my own aromatherapy right in my house! But most of all, I want to let you know how valuable your “Beat It” Intensive Treatment Serum has been for me. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve ended up with both psoriasis and dermatographia. Even prescription medication hasn’t helped my psoriasis outbreak around my lip, and the spots irritated due to dermatographia. Your serum is miraculously effective. It’s unbelievable. It’s gentle, yet it does the trick. And as I say, the prescription medication has not helped. Thank you for the work you’re doing in this area. These products are tremendous!
— Sally Bourrie, Washington D.C.
Dr. Eva’s massage bar is truly magical! My husband often had cracked fingertips in winter and they bleed. By pure chance, he tried Dr. Eva’s massage bar, and the fingertips stopped cracking, period. Now my whole family uses her skin care products, which are all wonderful. Dr. Eva’s excellent products and customer service are a reflection of her genuine passion, expert knowledge, and lovely personality.
— Q.C., Charlottesville, VA
Mom Blog “Mom Does Reviews” tested all our products and gave us a glowing review!
”Are you or someone you know suffering from a skin condition like eczema, psoriasis or acne? Dr. Eva Natural Skincare BEAT IT! complete treatment system is made from natural ingredients designed to help relieve those pesky skin conditions. Just looking for a more natural way to get clean? All of Dr. Eva’s creations will not let you down. They all smell and work great, and my favorite part is reading about how Dr. Eva came up with the idea for each product! What product do you think would benefit you the most?”
— https://www.momdoesreviews.com/2018/11/30/dr-evas-skincare-treatment-for-acne-and-eczema-megachristmas18/
Beat it! Intensive Treatment Serum
”We bought the first bottle for my daughter and son to share (both teens), but my daughter keeps taking it! BOTH love it so much and their skin is beautiful!
— K.B. Charlottesville, VA
“I am a farrier and saltwater fishermen based in Florida, and have always had really bad issues with my hands. By summer, my hands usually look like a have leprosy. Nothing I tried or my dermatologist gave me has ever helped. Then I received a bottle of your liquid soap and put it in my work truck. I have been using it to wash my hands multiple times a day. And you know what? This year is the first year that my hands are fine! Thank you so much for making something that really works! You sure have a loyal customer in me!”
— G.G., Tampa, Florida
We started using Dr. Kings soaps a little over a year ago. We tried the bar soaps out and loved them. All of the smells are unique, and the quality of ingredients comes through. They were definitely a luxury in the shower.
— A.K. Keswick, VA
We recently discovered a new soap by this company that came in a liquid, dispensing form. It has been added to my wife’s, and my daily routine. We are addicted to the liquid soaps. The Beat it! liquid soap has cleared up all of my skins issues, from mild facial breakouts to any post workout skin rash. I notice the difference immediately. I am currently using it for chigger bites all over my legs, which seems to be drying them out, and keeping me from itching.
— T.P., Charlottesville VA
Love the products, and customer service is over the top!
— S.M. Chicago, IL
We love the Liquid Soap! It was a gift from a friend, and now we are totally hooked! Thank you for making such a lovely product!
— L.J., Crozet, VA
As a massage therapist, I see so many different types of skin. Beat it! Liquid Soap has helped my clients with mild eczema, and improving their skin. I constantly refer people to these soaps. This stuff is good!
— T.P., Charlottesville, VA
The best! Looking forward to handing these out as gifts next week.
— B.N. Charlottesville VA