Getting to know Eva

by Avery Chenoweth

Not long after we met, she offered me a job without pay, and I thought, “Without pay? Who says No to that?” If you know Eva, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It seems we only said hello one afternoon over coffee, and talked for the next nine hours--over many cups and occasions. By the time she asked me to join her startup, I would have gladly volunteered to carry her barbells to the top of Everest, if she asked.

 Thank God for little favors, right? What I learned in those free-flowing discussions was that her journey through the world of science into entrepreneurship is one part tenacity, one part obsession, and all parts astonishing. And what propelled her from her teenage years to the launch phase today of her company, Dr. Eva’s Skincare, was the years she spent suffering from skin conditions. 

 It began with acne in adolescence and rolled all the way forward into a skin condition that afflicted her husband, Andrew. Her early solutions to her own problems led her back into the lab to find a solution for him, and when it really worked, they both looked at each other, and said, “Hey, we got something here. We should make it and sell it at the Farmers’ Market.”

 And so she began, cooking and testing, and making soaps and lotions that ameliorate skin conditions. To be sure, she wasn’t launching kites off into electrical storms, but she was speaking English with a German accent, and stirring into the pots and pans of her boiling assembly all that she had learned in first the masters in biochemistry then the doctorate program at Oxford University. Not the one in Ohio, numb nuts, the one in England. Her doctorate in Biochemistry has given her a license to create intuitive formulations based on science, and deploying a wealth of ultra-smart solutions. The results are astonishing.

This blog is a journal of our travels together. As Eva and I work together to launch her skincare company, and as I also follow her in related startup company, we hope you will join us. In the second startup, AURA EnviroScience, she dons respirators and hazmat suits to investigate indoor environmental problems in homes and commercial buildings to diagnose the allergens and toxins that beset the folks who live there, unwell. Indoor environmental testing and allergy research was her career before turning the recent corner, and helping folks detox their homes complements her adventures in the skincare world. 

The mission, the big vision, is to bring an element to soaps as compelling as electricity is to magnetism, if that works. Soaps and skincare products, which historically clean, should as well do some of the real work of easing the pains we are heir to. From inside your house, to the skin of your body, that is the personal bliss that Dr. Eva King is pursuing so avidly.

We hope you’ll enjoy hanging out and come back soon.

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