Dr. Eva SkinCare products reviewed by popular blog site "Mom Does Reviews"

We are thrilled about the glowing review we received from popular blog site “Mom Does Reviews”. They also included us in their 2018 Mega Christmas Gift Guide!

For the full review, -including pictures of her eczema flare up on her 5 year old son’s skin before and after using Beat it!-, check out this link:


Here are some excerpts of what the reviewer Christina had to say:

“If you or someone you know has ever suffered from a skin condition like acne or eczema, you know it’s not easily treated. So much time and money can go wasted on finding something that actually works. My son developed severe eczema when he was just 3 months old, and is now 5 years old. Needless to say, we’ve been to many doctors and spent more money than I can count on treatment. Steroids are one of the of only things that have helped clear up a flare up, but even that only lasts a few weeks. Back to square one, running to doctor and pharmacy to get more creams. It is the worst feeling as a parent to not be able to help my son more with his skin condition. Since long term use of steroids can be harmful, I was seeking a more natural remedy to help with the flare ups and itching for my son."

Dr. Eva Natural Skincare line BEAT IT! based on Ayurvedic botanicals, which includes a topical Hemp CBD oil, is designed for conditions like eczema, acne, and psoriasis. With soaps, cleansers and serums created with natural ingredients, they’re designed help sooth inflammation and irritation. Made with ingredients like tea tree essential oil, plantain leaves and hemp CBD, you can rest easy knowing it’s safe for your skin. Use the bar soap, liquid cleanser and serum as a complete treatment system. Dr. Eva has an entire line of amazing products like LUNA SEA, PEPPERMINT ME, GREEN FUSION, and EVA’S DIVAS.

My Thoughts:

I absolutely love using our soaps and cleansers from Dr. Eva Natural Skincare! The bars of soaps have the most refreshing scents and I love just how sudsy they get without much effort. The PEPPERMINT ME bar of soap has been such a treat when I take a bath. It calms and relaxes me instantly. You can tell jut how natural everything is when using it. The entire BEAT IT! line has been such a big relief to my sons eczema. We use the bar of soap, cleanser and serum and it has helped with his flare ups immensely! When I first used it on him in the bath, I anticipated him to cry that it burned (as most soaps do) and it didn’t faze him at all, which a great thing! He allowed me to lather him up and I could tell immediately that his eczema wasn’t as irritated and had gone down in redness. The rest of Dr. Eva Skincare line has been such a treat for us to use and I highly recommend it! “

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