Innovation on the QT

by Avery Chenoweth

 “I love the fresh scent of Luna Sea”. This happy note arrived by email this morning from a dear friend, Louise, who volunteered to try some of our soaps. 


 And, on a still happier note, her praise echoes around town among many others. 

While I'm rolling around socially, friends approach me and ask whether Eva is going to make… a new product. Our friends on the social carousel in Charlottesville, are all folks we've asked to try a few samples, and let us know what they think.

It seems that by the next weekend, we see one another at dinner, on the mall, or at an art gallery, and they start asking about getting more of Eva’s products. Not to generalize too broadly, of course, but they share a theme. 

First of all, they ask for their very real needs; their skin has issues and they found solace using Eva's soaps. And they enjoyed the scent, too, they say. 

Second, they ask for their desires. They want to expand the reach and efficacy of her soaps. If she can do this with soap, they imply, then what could she do with shampoo? Skin lotion? Does she have… X? How about Y? Or, Z? And can I get some more? 

The answer to these questions is more good news: Yes. It is on the way. All of the above. Some are visible on the horizon. Some are now being tested daily. Some are just visible beyond the mountains. Whether they get here soon, or take a while, we have a slate of new products in development. Like all those gooey spaghetti strings --really? Why yes! 

“It brings out my inner kindergartener”, Eva says, laughing with comic revulsion. 


In fact, I'm so excited by it all that I'd love to tell you more, but I can't. It's under wraps. It's protected by an NDA. No one finds out. But to be sure, if you could buy me a drink and whisper a little Russian into my tufted ear, well, I might just tell you about the great stuff cooking in the lab. All of it dazzles. Yet, we have to wait a bit. We must maintain stealth mode, until we can share these cool and unparalleled innovations with you. 

Louise made some other interesting points: 

“I love that the fresh scent of Luna Sea fills the shower, but rinses away and doesn't cling to my skin afterwards to clash with any perfume I may want to wear.”

“After only a couple of days using the Luna Sea soap the small bumps on the back of my upper arms disappeared.”


“I am trying to find a graceful way of saying that even during cold weather, my skin doesn't feel stripped bare when using the Luna Sea soap.” 

And finally, joining the chorus, Louise asked: “Is she going to make a conditioner?” 

Yes, I said. Yes, she will. Yes! 


Catch Louise's wonderful radio show, Wild Women and Friends, on the alternating Thursdays, on 91.1 on WTJU you in Charlottesville; and online at

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