Delicious Hair

by Avery Chenoweth

Just when I thought last week’s innovations were amazing--by which I mean, smart and intense--Eva surprised me the other day with still more products. And this time, she has been in the lab, creating an astonishing new hair conditioner.

shiny hair 3.jpg

We sat on the sun-dried wood bench in her backyard. Nearby, the air thrummed with bees around the empty hives, attracted to the honey combs left by her own bees. After the arctic vortex, the day was warm, and spring was hiding in the drab forest behind us.

“Here,” she said. “Check these out.” She began the show and tell with a pair of skin lotions; they were smooth and fragrant and not oily at all. As a guy in a dry-skin macho kind of way, I’m inclined to forget to use moisturizers, which always makes their impact that much more compelling. 

My hands softened, my skin shone, and I began smoothing the lotion with a sense of relief up my forearms. After we talked about the formulations, Eva presented the next two bottles. “I’ve been experimenting with hair conditioners and shampoos,” she said.

“This one, Andrew tells me, makes my hair shinier. This one is less shiny. So, I tried them both--on different sides of my head. Tell me what you think.”

Eva turned her head while tossing her loose brown hair. The mass of her hair fell to her shoulders. The heap was voluptuous, full of lights and tones. I stared until I realized that it was a great picture. “Don’t move!” I fished up my phone. “I want to capture this. Cause no one’s going to believe me. And I can’t describe it.”

“You’re funny,” Eva said. She shook her hair every which way. “Feel it. How’s it feel?”

Was I in a commercial dream? Were we running through a field toward each other?

“Like silk,” I said, grasping at cliches. I loved the sliding thickness and fullness of her hair between my fingers, the play of light. It’s not often that the word “delicious” comes to mind with regard to hair, but, wow, her hair was dessert: chocolate mousse. With a spoon!

Eva told me that she has trouble finding a conditioner and a shampoo that work for her, so this formula is a personal solution--and one you’ll see soon. 

We were in the backyard, as it happens, to practice our pitch for the big next step in the growth of Dr. Eva SkinCare. If we are accepted into the next level, we will soon have many chances to bring all these innovations to you and to everyone else in our growing online community. 

Shiny hair 1.jpg

We love innovation, which is about essentials. We start with the needs of clients. Eva listens closely then hits the lab, and with skill and meticulous formulations based on her education in biochemistry, she creates products that people love. They tell us every week that they cannot find what they need from a big company--not on the store shelf, or made with conventional thinking. We’re coming at things differently. As a fast-running startup, with a mission to get all natural and ameliorating solutions to our customers, we get it done.

That day, we practiced our pitch in the mid-winter afternoon, rehearsing carefully to get us to the next stage. And some of the proof that we are ready was always there in front of me, in the soft and dazzling lights of Eva’s hair.

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