You Are What You Love

by Avery Chenoweth 

When I write about Eva’s soaps, I sometimes call them “delicious,” which may seem like an oxymoron, or just moronic, depending. An aspect of freedom and love run wild in all creativity, and the master of delicious explorations, Anthony Bourdain, lived all of that.

His televised investigations of cuisine took him to many a cranny, nook, hole in the wall, and outpost of the culinary world, and the subtext was about love. He loved to eat, meet people, and talk about it all with relish, (thank you!), and share his intimate party with us.

Our 4-months old guardian puppy “Ryker” goes in for some “Luna Sea”

Our 4-months old guardian puppy “Ryker” goes in for some “Luna Sea”

We love what we’re doing at Dr. Eva Skincare. We couldn’t do it otherwise. When we’re on task, the neurons shower fireworks out of our heads. Hyperbole? Well, yeah, but you should see Eva in the lab, as I have. Goggles glowing. Hair standing up. A crazed grin. I kid you not; myself, I kid all the time--thanks for asking. Chasing excellence, as we do, is a fulfilling pursuit. And without love, the obstacles are just too many and too various.

“You know what I want?” The question came from a former business partner. “I want to do something simple,” he went on. “You know, like sell socks that everyone wants.”

His plea made a lot of sense, alas. Our startup then--to launch location-based learning games in national parks--met with more passive resistance from prospects and active resistance from investors than we could get our minds around, though we did manage to launch. His desire for simplicity is ringing in my ears, still, and it’s not merely tinnitus. 

“You know what I love about what we’re doing,” Eva said, recently. “We can make so many people so happy and do it so quickly, too--I love seeing how happy they are with our stuff. And we can just do it--like that!”

Soaps, not socks, a difference of just a few letters, but who’s counting? Our cost of production at Dr. Eva’s shop is feasible: Eva dips her arms in her lab coat, pulls on the gloves, and gets going. She makes batches of proprietary and innovative soaps, which people love and need, and you can see her goggles shining from the tower windows. 

“Cocoa & Cream” enjoying some cuddles in the sunshine

“Cocoa & Cream” enjoying some cuddles in the sunshine

Because we love doing this, we’d have it no other way. The joy we get from results and reviews, and from new buyers, make every day great for us. Not the full meal, perhaps, of a small company, but the tantalizing appetizer of a startup. A world in a soupcon. 

It’s all about enjoying what’s delicious on the many palettes that we share, from smell to skin, from memory to anticipation. If you follow your heart and mind with our soaps and lotions, as we are now, we can all share this journey together, in this intimate party.

As Bourdain once said, “Your body is not a temple. It’s an amusement park. Enjoy the ride.” 

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