GREEN FUSION Outdoor Soap - Relief from Poison Ivy & Mosquitos -

GREEN FUSION Outdoor Soap - Relief from Poison Ivy & Mosquitos -


Green Fusion is our special soap bar for all you lovers of the outdoors. A moisturizing natural soap bar that gently cleans even the biggest messes, helps rinse off the oils of poison ivy so that the itching cannot get going, then reduces the inflammation from the bites and itching. And it keeps mosquitos away! With tea tree oil, aloe vera, and jewelweed.

Use it to wash your exposed skin thoroughly as soon as you suspect you came in contact with poison ivy/poison oak! This can prevent the rash from developing, if you catch it early enough. If you did not wash off the toxic oils in time to prevent the rash, the jewelweed and tea tree oil in our formula can help your skin heal and dry out the rash more quickly.

Net 5 oz

Ingredients: Saponified coconut, olive, castor, canola, and avocado oil, and shea butter. Tea Tree essential oil, Jewelweed, Aloe vera.

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